Outside the Beg

The Beg is located on the edge of the village of Andreas. The outside of both Ballalough House, and ‘The Beg’, are covered by 24 hr CCTV, so that your peace of mind is assured.

The land immediately surrounding ‘The Beg’ is available for visitors to use responsibly, so that the flora / fauna and animal life in the area can be enjoyed in an environment that is supportive of their needs. BeeHives are kept on the land, and there are a variety of birds that grace the area, so be on the look out for Peregrine, Hen Harriers, Tree Creepers, Tits, Snipe and many others. We would encourage those interested in Birds to record their sightings so others may know what is around.

A number of photographs are provided to give a feel for the outside of ‘The Beg’. These photos have been optimised to use on the Website, and are for information only.